Esther and Kylie's parachute jump page

We've done it!! We've added some photo's of us in freefall.... wow, what a rush that was!!!!

I've finally added a diary entry for the day, so you can read all about the fun of the jump!

Esther Nagle and Kylie Byrne are doing a sponsored tandem parachute jump on 4th June 2006, to raise money for Cancer BACUP. It was supposed to be the 20th May, but the wonderful British weather had other ideas!

The jump is in memory of Esther's much loved brother Richard, who died in October last year. He is hugely missed by all who knew and love him.

From the time Richard and his wife discovered he needed to have treatment for cancer, they found Cancer BACUP’s services to be immensely informative. The support and genuine care they received from them made the difficult times they faced together through chemotherapy a little more bearable. You can find out more about their services by visiting, or by looking at our links page.

Richard always lived life to the full, and lived a good and happy life. It is because of this, and his enjoyment of doing mad things, (such as spending New Year's Eve on frosty mountains in Scotland, drinking copious amounts of only the best whiskey) that I (Esther) wanted to do something memorable to raise money for Cancer BACUP. Inspired by a conversation over a glass of wine or 2, and a desire to take to the skies somehow, we decided to conquer our fear of heights by doing a sponsored parachute jump. Considering that Kylie can’t even stand on a chair, and I get decidedly shaky on any thing higher than a chair, I think we’re pretty darned brave (did I say brave…I meant NUTS of course!!) We're both VERY excited about it though, it's going to be quite an experience!

So, on the 4th June 2006, weather permitting, we will both be hurling ourselves out of a plane, attached to someone who (hopefully) knows what they’re doing!!

If you know me or my family, knew Richard, or have experienced the pain that cancer can cause, please give as much as you can. Cancer BACUP is an invaluable source of advice, support and comfort during the devastation that cancer can cause to people's lives.

Please sign the guestbook, even if you don't want to make a donation or leave your details. You can also email us.

Thank you,

Esther and Kylie